4 Must-have Fall Flowers

Posted By Ashleigh Bethea on Oct 3, 2017 | 0 comments

Fall is beautiful. It’s a veritable ‘second Spring’ where even the typically solemn trees burst into their brightest colors. Green turns to gold, crimson, amber, and plum while bushes sport shiny berries and fall flowers begin to flourish. It’s a wonderland of joy for your garden and we’re going to share with you some of our favorite stars of the season.

Fall Blooming Crocus

This glorious shout of color bursts to life in Autumn and adds a splash of true blue to the landscape. Already a rare enough color in the botanical world, these blue fall flowers stand out particularly well in a season dominated by more subtle hues like chestnut and maroon. 


Fire and Ice Hydrangea

While this stunning hydrangea is on the list for its fall blooms, it truly puts on a show for most of the year! Starting in spring with cream blooms these flowerheads slowly deepen to pink and finally finish a rich crimson in Autumn. Talk about magical!

Bluebird Aster

When it comes to fall flowers this aster is unbeatable! Hundreds upon hundreds of lovely lavender blooms form an ocean of beauty that attracts butterflies and compliments from all who witness it. They have a long vase life and shine like rare jewels in any sunny landscape.

Stella de Oro 

They’re super tough, heavy blooming and make excellent cut flowers – what more could a gardener want? With these golden trumpets filling your garden with a symphony of bright color your fall landscape will never be the same.


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