Berries for the Birds

Posted By Ashleigh Bethea on Aug 3, 2016 | 0 comments

Birders take heed – the best feeders in the world are those you can grow right in your yard. These four ornamental bushes are not only attractive enough to draw the eye but also produce a bounty of berries that draw flocks of birds as well!

48961 Cardinal Candy viburnum 

The glowing red berries of this hardy bush look as sweet as jelly beans, and birds can’t get enough of them! This shrub puts out dense clusters of tempting fruit that are just what your birds need to restore their energy throughout the fall and winter seasons.  Plus, watching your favorite songbirds gleefully nibbling away is sure to warm your heart.

*Berries arrive in late summer and continue right into the peak of winter.


Brandywine viburnum 

Few shrubs can top this one when it comes to beauty or adaptability. Its spring blooms and glossy color changing foliage are all the rage in gardens everywhere, but its those plump blue berries that really steal the show! Birds find the fruit irresistible and if you’re looking for a hardy plant with year round appeal this bush is a must have.

*Expect berries from the middle of fall to late winter.


36205 American Beautyberry

We humans find these berries just too pretty to eat, but that never stops our feathered friends from chowing down on these shiny delights. That fiercely purple berries clump right against the stalk for a unique display that looks terrific in flower arrangements. Your birds will enjoy a berry filled summer from June to August.


Creeping Wintergreen

Finally, a berry birds and humans can both enjoy! This classic ground cover sports juicy fruits and adorable bell shaped flowers at the same time, and its foliage releases a wonderful fragrance when its leaves are crushed. The cherry like fruits are perfectly safe for human consumption, but you’ll have to be quick because the early bird gets the berry! *Expect fruit from spring to summer.




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