Happy National Bird Day

Happy National Bird Day

Posted on Jan 5, 2016 | 0 comments


A couple of beautiful and energetic hummingbirds

What is National Bird Day?

National Bird Day is a time to think about birds, their beauty, how they live, what they need, and how we treat them. Not only is this a day for celebration, but it’s also a time to raise awareness of the plights faced by common and rare birds all around the world.

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The season's most popular tulip blend!

The season’s most popular tulip blend!

Apparently a lot of people like to kiss and tell! Our beautiful new tulip blend (Kiss n’ Tell) has been in the press a lot lately, and now it is set to be featured on the Hallmark channel. Tune in on Wednesday the 14th at 10 AM/9AM Central for the Home & Family Show. Our tulips will be featured in the segment “Plant Your Spring Bulbs Now!”

**Update: You can learn more about this episode here, and more about the planting spring bulbs segment here.

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