Grow a Japanese Garden

Grow a Japanese Garden

Posted on Feb 2, 2017 | 0 comments

It’s always fun to experiment with garden themes, and this week’s theme is Japanese gardening! From grasses to shrubs and trees, we’ve got all you need to sculpt your landscape into a masterpiece inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.

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A new year means new opportunities and we are already planning ways to get the best out of the next 365 days. One way to get a jump on your new garden is picking the perfect varieties to let your landscape stand out from the crowd. We at Wayside Gardens are proud to present our top picks to give your garden the greatest advantage in 2017.

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Planting In October

Posted on Sep 25, 2012 | 1 comment

October Flowers

 It will be October in less than a week, and many of you may have given up on your gardens for the winter. When most gardeners think of October, they think of raking leaves and cleaning out for the spring.

But, if you have a garden project you are just itching to finish, don’t wait. The horticulturists around here stress that fall is the best time to plant. This may not be safe for some of the colder parts of the USA, but for most of us, the weather is mild and the soil is willing. Actually, it’s even a little warm here in South Carolina today.

This is a great time to get those shrubs and trees in the ground. For most plants. as long as they are listed as hardy to your USDA hardiness zone, then you can plant them most any time of the year, unless the ground is frozen. Planting in the fall will allow more time for good strong roots to develop before spring. Your trees will perform better than if you wait until it warms up next year to plant them.

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Fall Planting

As gardeners we have an opportunity to be a little more in tune to the changes and happenings as the seasons change. Migrating birds, the coming and going of pesky insects, clouds of pollen, budding, blooming, and eventually, seeding are all things that pass under the nose of the ever-observant gardener. Watching nature can teach you so much about your own garden. One of the biggest questions we get is, “when do I plant this?” The answer for most shrubs, trees, bulbs, and perennials will almost always be: “in the fall.”

Wildflowers, trees, and shrubs all seed in the fall in nature- the summer is filled with fruit and blooms, but the seeds don’t hit the ground until fall. They spend the winter dormant and sprout up right on time in the spring. This works just as well with bulbs and bare-root plants shipped in the fall. They spend their dormant period searching the ground with their roots, slowly becoming established, and they will have a huge leap on any plants planted in the spring.

It is not necessary to plant in the fall, most plants will do just fine as long as the ground isn’t frozen, but the fall planting season is ideal for most varieties. You will have earlier blooms and more productive plants in the following spring and summer.

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Citrus Kumquat 'Nagami'

Okay, pleasing tactile and auditory sense organs may be a stretch, but the texture of the fruit is nice, and the sound of rustling leaves on your patio is peaceful. But, my point is, Citrus kumquat 'Nagami' goes a long way towards turning your modest patio garden into a tiny tropical oasis.

The sweet fragrance of the blossoms and the fruits will be the first thing you notice, a refreshingly crisp natural smell, leagues beyond any store-bought air freshener. The bright blooms and glowy orange fruit against the dense green foliage makes for a very classy and cute tree that visitors will love to look at. And the fruit itself can be eaten right of the tree, a sweet tangy summertime treat.

Check out the complete collect of Wayside Gardens Citrus Trees.

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