Gardening For Dry Conditions

Posted By on Sep 11, 2007 | 0 comments

46044Gardeners who live in an area where the weather or soil conditions won’t support the traditional backyard garden may have to expand their horizons a little, and create a more natural looking garden for your climate. There are plenty of beautiful plants for drier climates that can really turned your scorched garden into and exotic botanical display.

You could try growing some drought resistant perennials or shrubs. Heathers are natural companions with grass like sedges, and the blues, greys, silvers, and coppers will really pop in a gravelled garden. Most of the drought resistant plants are these soft metallic or misty colors, giving most dry climates a strong ephemeral feel. Companioned with rustic stone and wooden hard scapes, these arid gardens can be really striking. You might also want to try gravel, sand, or busted brick mulches around your exotic desert garden. Allow your plants to seed, spread, clump naturally to create a more irregular and interesting look.

You could also try a drought resistant tree like the the olive tree. They are very tough in a variety of climates and produce wonderfully delicious fruits too.

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