Our Longest-Blooming Flowers

Posted By Ashleigh Bethea on May 11, 2017 | 0 comments

We dedicate so much time and energy to our gardens that it is only natural to want to get the most out of it. An easy way to ensure returns on our hard work is by growing plants with long seasons of appeal. Each of these plant varieties are known to feature long-blooming flowers for maximum beauty for months on end.

Hardy Geraniums

These are a great choice for lasting beauty as most varieties bloom for many weeks. One of our favorites is Havana Blues with its deep purple veins running down delicate lavender petals on flowers which bloom from summer well into fall. There are many varieties of geraniums and some bloom from spring to summer. Whichever you choose to add to your garden you can be sure to expect at least a full season’s worth of color.


37438Once you’ve seen them in full bloom, it’s near impossible to be enamored by the halting beauty of Clematis. These vines are so diverse in shape, color and habit that there is one to suit just about any taste. While bloom times are as various as the varieties themselves, there are some which bloom for an exceptionally long time.Giselle™ and Diamantina™ are two which bloom for spring into fall. Both are glorious in their own ways and both faithfully deliver large and impressive blooms for three whole seasons making them highly valuable in the garden.


More commonly known as Butterfly bush, these are all the rage in gardens seeking to lure – you guessed it – butterflies. Besides their value as pollinator magnets, these plants also have a luxuriously lengthy bloom time. Most begin blooming as early as the beginning of summer all the way to the middle of fall. We can’t blame the butterflies for mobbing this charming flowers. After all, who could resist the lure of several months of those distinctive wands of pink, purple, and blue?

Coreopsis (Tickseed)

There are so many variations of this interesting little flower that it’s hard to pick just one to highlight. These plants are reliable and floriferous to the extreme. They can come in a plethora of colors from red to peach to hot pink and lemon yellow. Rarely do you find just one color per flower! Each blossom may be small, but it makes up with it with sheer numbers and vibrant hues. Plus you can enjoy that spectacular show for months on end. Coreopsis such as Li’l Bang™ Enchanted Eve is a great example with its bloom-time lasting from early summer to early autumn.


Love Hearts Dicentra 

It’s hard not to have a crush on Dicentra, with their heart-shaped blooms and lingering season of blooms. Our longest blooming is Love Hearts which presents those milky blossoms from the start of summer well into the autumn months.



Butterfly Blue Pincushion Flower 

When  it comes to long seasons, this pincushion flower knows no equal! Not only are those charming blue blooms a rare and lovely color for the garden, but you can enjoy them for not 1 , not 2, but three solid seasons! They begin opening in the middle of Spring and don’t stop until the first whispers of winter. Talk about flower power!

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