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Ghastly Beauties

Ghastly Beauties

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 | 0 comments

Ghouls and Goblins won’t kill you. But these plants could.

Many of the garden plants we grow for ornamental reasons got their vibrant, exotic colors as nature’s way of saying “Warning—Poison!” While most of these are innocuous enough sitting in pots or in the garden, if ingested they could cause illness of varying severity, and sometimes even death.

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I’d be happy to even get back what I paid for my house. With so many foreclosures still on the market, demand for houses is still flagging. But Greg Brand had 5 offers in 48 hours after people toured his 2.6 acre property in Nebraska. His asking price? $415,000.

The key to this property’s appeal is its incredible back yard, which is broken up into different garden “rooms”. His 9 gardens embrace many themes, including a woodland garden, an English garden, a Japanese garden featuring a magnificent $150,000 cedar tea-house, a rock/succulent garden, and even a “sand volleyball” garden. The property is packed with plants, including 205 trees, 980 perennials, 550 annuals, and 8,000 bulbs! Of all of these, Brand says the most unique ones come from Wayside Gardens.

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The season's most popular tulip blend!

The season’s most popular tulip blend!

Apparently a lot of people like to kiss and tell! Our beautiful new tulip blend (Kiss n’ Tell) has been in the press a lot lately, and now it is set to be featured on the Hallmark channel. Tune in on Wednesday the 14th at 10 AM/9AM Central for the Home & Family Show. Our tulips will be featured in the segment “Plant Your Spring Bulbs Now!”

**Update: You can learn more about this episode here, and more about the planting spring bulbs segment here.

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Perennials are great plants to have, because you don’t have to buy them every year. They become dormant in the cold and when the weather warms back up, they start budding again as if a magic fairy sprinkled them with life dust. However, not all perennials can survive the winter months, especially the cold temperatures in northern regions.

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Outdoor Containers with Shrubs, Perennials, and Annuals

A great example of arrangements built around shrubs.

Are you a small-space gardener that gets jealous of the great trees and shrubs you see other people growing? Or perhaps a container gardening guru that wants to take your displays to the next level of height and year-round interest?

Learn how to use shrubs in containers today! Check out the latest Press Release from Wayside Gardens, featuring 6 tips on how to successfully incorporate shrubs or small trees into your mixed containers.

Here is a preview:

  1. Since the tree or shrub will grow to be the largest plant by far, this is the cornerstone of the design. Lovely compact choices for mixed containers are: Acer, Camellia, Buddleia,Hydrangea, or Crapemyrtle.


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