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Perennials are great plants to have, because you don’t have to buy them every year. They become dormant in the cold and when the weather warms back up, they start budding again as if a magic fairy sprinkled them with life dust. However, not all perennials can survive the winter months, especially the cold temperatures in northern regions.

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Outdoor Containers with Shrubs, Perennials, and Annuals

A great example of arrangements built around shrubs.

Are you a small-space gardener that gets jealous of the great trees and shrubs you see other people growing? Or perhaps a container gardening guru that wants to take your displays to the next level of height and year-round interest?

Learn how to use shrubs in containers today! Check out the latest Press Release from Wayside Gardens, featuring 6 tips on how to successfully incorporate shrubs or small trees into your mixed containers.

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  1. Since the tree or shrub will grow to be the largest plant by far, this is the cornerstone of the design. Lovely compact choices for mixed containers are: Acer, Camellia, Buddleia,Hydrangea, or Crapemyrtle.


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