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Outdoor Containers with Shrubs, Perennials, and Annuals

A great example of arrangements built around shrubs.

Are you a small-space gardener that gets jealous of the great trees and shrubs you see other people growing? Or perhaps a container gardening guru that wants to take your displays to the next level of height and year-round interest?

Learn how to use shrubs in containers today! Check out the latest Press Release from Wayside Gardens, featuring 6 tips on how to successfully incorporate shrubs or small trees into your mixed containers.

Here is a preview:

  1. Since the tree or shrub will grow to be the largest plant by far, this is the cornerstone of the design. Lovely compact choices for mixed containers are: Acer, Camellia, Buddleia,Hydrangea, or Crapemyrtle.


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Our latest press release is the inspirational story of a Wayside Gardener (Molly Gill of Pratt, West Virginia) who planted a small tree in her front yard in 1996. The tree was only supposed to get 8 feet tall, but to her surprise it kept growing and growing until it towered around 20 feet tall! Gill donated the overgrown tree (appropriately from the variety ‘Fat Albert’) to be displayed outside of the Capitol building in Charleston, West Virginia. Click here for the full story.

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